Brushstrokes of a Life: My Artistic Journey

Early Life

Hi everyone my name is Bouzid,as a child, I had the privilege of growing up in the small town of Constantine, Algeria, in North Africa. My love for exploring the natural world was unparalleled, and I found great joy in observing the play of light and shadow across the landscape. The sky's changing colors at various times of the day had a magnetic pull on me, and I would often spend hours mesmerized by its beauty.

Although I had a passion for art, my parents discouraged me from pursuing it as a career in the beginning. Consequently, I followed their advice and obtained a degree in civil engineering, which they deemed more practical.

Artistic Development

After a near-death experience, I delved into creating my first designs. Starting simple, I continually challenged myself to create more intricate pieces. As a self-taught artist, I confidently took on freelance work for all my projects.

I found inspiration in the Impressionist movement, which focused on using color and light to capture everyday moments. This influence is evident in my later works, which showcase vibrant colors and a dynamic sense of movement and energy.


My purpose on this journey is to create art that effectively assists individuals in healing their pain and reconciling their past, present, and future. The focus is not on me, but rather on the powerful message that the artwork conveys. Warm regards.